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Vancouver to Toronto by Train Day 1: Sunset Departure

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The dogs were off at “doggy-camp”. While we were crossing the country by train and hanging out in Collingwood, they would be walking the dykes and forests of Maple Ridge.Vancouver DepartureSunset Behind the Port Mann Bridges  AH (our son) dropped us off at the Lougheed Mall SkyTrain station where we caught a SkyTrain to the VIA Rail station.

We had allowed for some delays and, as our travel to the station had gone without a hitch and we were sufficiently early that we had time to grab a bite to eat before entering the train station.

After ticket and identification checks we were allowed to board and check out our cabin, the observation cars and the various other areas that we would be our home for almost 4 complete days.

The train left on time and slowly crawled eastward through some of the urban  areas of Metro Vancouver.   We passed along the north edge of Burnaby Lake, crossed the Fraser River between New Westminster and Surrey and then followed the South Bank of the Fraser and underneath the new and old Port Mann Bridges.  After that, it was clear sailing.

We hit the sack early ending Day 1.

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