This is my new place for sharing interesting thoughts, ideas, facts, whatever about the natural world whether they are my own, the opinions and musings of others, or something in between. Anything interesting that seems worth sharing may eventually get mentioned here using whatever pictures, drawings, sound recordings or other devices that seem appropriate.

I will be up front and say now that a lot of what I write about has a bird theme running through it. As a somewhat inexperienced yet avid (some would say obsessed) birder, I make no apologies for this.  One result is that I sometimes want to share birding experiences.  With the help of my new FZ-200 camera, many of these will find their way into this blog with lots of cool pictures.

My wife (‘JC’) and I like to travel.  Sometimes it is nearby and we may take our dogs and sometimes it is not so nearby and we send the dogs off to ‘Camp S&P’.  In either case, if the places we visit are interesting an account may very well end up here along side the birding articles.

In fact, this blog is a bit of experiment for me and I expect that I will try various things as I fiddle with different writing and presentation styles.  Some of these will work and some will not.  My target audience is also varied.  Some of what I post will be directed at family and friends yet I will try and present it in such a way that anyone can enjoy it.  Other times I will have some cool pictures or stories for the younger generation including our ‘A’, the younger nieces ‘J&C’ (you know who you are)  or the other cousins K, T and J.  Whether it is another ‘Turtle Traffic Jam’ or something else equally fun I will try to make it fun for the adults as well.  Finally, much of what I write about will be directed at other birders who may be interested in things that I see or articles that I have read and wish to share.

I hope that there are people out there that will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy researching and writing it.


Coquitlam, BC

August 22, 2013

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jim & Gretchen Vest

    Hi Kevin, I am working with the current President of the WI Garden Club Federation and her President’s Project – working on establishing a prairie landscape at the International Crane Federation. I was asked to give a presentation on the project and used your article as a resource


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